About Mkaa Endelevu

Mkaa Endelevu is

the leading producer of sustainable and organic charcoal and bio-waste products in Tanzania.  Utilizing reclaimed waste (from Class B (commercial) forests) in Mafinga, Iringa Region, Tanzania, we manufacture sustainable, high quality charcoal briquettes, as well as, the agricultural enhancements – bio-char and wood vinegar, and the wood preservative – wood tar.

Through our briquette production we are actively working towards reducing deforestation and raising awareness about the environmental damage caused by illegal (‘dirty’) charcoal by creating an affordable and high-quality alternative fuel source. Our innovative and energy efficient process of charcoal briquetting produces briquettes through the pyrolyzation (carbonizing in a furnace) of sawdust, which results in bio-char. This bio-char is then mixed with certain types of starch and extruded into briquettes, dried and packaged for distribution.

This process of making charcoal is far more efficient than the ‘dirty’ methods currently used in Tanzania. Our conversion rate is 1-ton of sawdust waste into 300-350kg of briquetted charcoal versus the local  methods which usually see 1-ton of wood (approximately 4 to 5 mature trees) into 200kg of lump charcoal – meaning, for every 350kg of Mkaa Endelevu purchased several mature trees from natural forests could be saved. 

Briquettes and bio-char are not the only marketable products produced in the factory, as the pyrolyzation process also produces wood tarwood vinegar, and Bio-gas. The gas is cleaned and recycled through the system and used to heat the furnace and drying systems, so it becomes a closed circuit – running off of its own by-product and reducing emissions as well as power consumption. The wood tar and wood vinegar are captured and have multiple uses, which are explained on our product page.

The energy efficiency of the Mkaa Endelevu factory and the sustainability of our products are leading the efforts to curb deforestation while still providing a high-quality alternative to charcoal consumers. Join Mkaa Endelevu in fighting environmental degradation and into a sustainable future.

The potential for growth and social and environmental betterment is boundless with the Mkaa Endelevu project and with the right partners, we can continue changing the long-term future for the better.

Company Mission

Our mission is to be the leading producer and exporter of sustainable and organic charcoal and bio-waste products in Tanzania and East Africa, by offering a variety of products to supplant the “dirty” charcoal and wood fuel used by much of sub-Saharan Africa, Europe, Middle-East and The Americas, through the application of internationally recognized operating practices, advanced and green technology and social betterment initiatives.

Company Vision

Our vision is to grow a sustainable, legitimate, formal and compliant charcoal industry in Tanzania and East Africa. The formalization of the charcoal industry will provide a great economic, environmental and social benefit to local communities, the country and region. Utilizing international best practices and standards will foster long-term growth and value creation for all of our partners.