Disposable BBQ Grill

Disposable Grills

The Mkaa Endelevu Disposable BBQ Grill’s are perfect for those day trips with family and freinds.  Planning a trip to the islands but dont want to bothe lugging the big bbq around with you?  You might be planning to go to south beach  for the day.  The disposable grill is easy to pack, wont take up much space and light easily and stays hot for a long time.  You can even tak 2 or 3 along with you to seperate meats and veg etc.

More Info

Mkaa Endelevu’s Disposable Grills are available in a number of sizes depending on the clients requests. We also offer multiple packaging styles depending on the clients needs. We can also offer the product under individual customer branding on both the flier and display carton.
Mkaa Endelevu Disposable BBQ Grills use a special mini-pillow which offers quick lighting but maintains a long and uniform burn time. 
Requires Liquid Fire starter. 
Quick lighting – 20min
Burn Time – 1.5hrs+
Low Ash
High Heat