Wood Tar

What does wood tar do?
-Preserves Wood and stops it from Rotting/Decomposing
-Repels Wood Burrowing Insects
-Keeps wood dry by acting as a Barrier to Water
-Acts as a Sealant
-Gives wood a Beautiful Dark Colour

More Info

Pine Tar – All Natural Wood Preservative

Authentic Pine Tar is a natural wood preservative made from Pine Tree Waste. The Tar is used all over the world, predominantly for its water repellent vapour barrier on wood and rope and for its gentle antiseptic effect. Pine Tar is used for wood preservation on utility and fence poles, cottages, roofs, boats, scaffolding, fencing, etc. Pine Tar is an excellent wood preservative and substitute for chemically pressure treated wood and works well for preserving wood used in the ground and in moisture rich areas. Pine Tar helps preserve the strength of the wood, as well as, provide it with a beautiful rare and dark colour.

Home/Industrial Uses



Poles Treatment


Insect Safe Guarding (bees, wasps, termites etc.)

Preserving Wooden Sheds/Houses/Boats

Attractive and Rare colour combination