Wood Vinegar


50% reduction of fertilisers and pesticides with the use of 1:500 WV water mix.
Enhances roots
200:1 for 24hrs soak seeds improves germination
Ester darkens leaves to increase photosynthesis
Regulates nutrients and microbiological population in soil
Better uptake of roots
Better tasting and higher sugar contents in fruits
Increases resistance to disease
Pesticide and Anti Fungus
Speeds up Composting


1) For Soil Enrichment. Dilute wood vinegar with water (1:200 ration-1-part wood vinegar and 200 part water) Sprinkle or Spray on soil before planting. Application is 1ltr: 1 Square Metre

2) Pest repellent or deodorizer. 1:20 Wood Vinegar and water. Spray it on the plant.

3) Seed germination. One part wood vinegar with 200 parts water. Soak Seeds for up to 24hrs before planting.

4) Fertilization. Dilute one-part wood vinegar with 200 parts water and spray it to leaves once a month. Dilution ratio can be changed to 300 parts water for the succeeding applications.